Founded in 1984 the Holst Foundation is a grant-giving charity whose funds are directed primarily towards the performance of music by living composers.

The Foundation has since its inception been funded by royalties from the estate of Gustav Holst; these largely ceased when the major copyrights expired at the end of 2004. Consequently most grant-giving activities will come to an end in 2015, and no applications will be accepted after November 2014. It is likely that no more than £25,000 will be available during the year 2014, and priority will be given to existing clients. The annual grant to NMC Recordings  will also be discontinued. The Foundation hopes to be able to continue to fund selected projects, but this will be at the discretion of the Music Committee and not subject to application.

    •    Applications for help with recording projects are no longer accepted.
    •    The Foundation does not support the commissioning of new works, although help is sometimes available for the copying and rehearsal costs of works receiving first performances.
    •    Because of historical connections, the Foundation funds new music at the Aldeburgh Festival each year. It cannot offer substantial funds to other festivals on a regular basis, nor does it usually fund orchestras or other large organisations.
    •    Grants are not available to individuals for educational purposes, for research or for travel, for the purchase of instruments or equipment, or for publications. Capital projects cannot be funded. The Foundation does not consider applications for support of performances of music by Gustav Holst.
    •    Applicants should note that where a grant is offered as a 'guarantee against loss', the grant will expire unless it is claimed within a year of the event taking place. If application is being made to other organisations the Foundation should be informed of this, and of the amounts requested.
    •    The Music Committee's deliberations are confidential, and the reasons for their decisions cannot be disclosed. The Committee meets to consider applications four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December. 

 Since funding cannot be given retrospectively, they need to be submitted well in advance of the event. There is no application form. Six copies of any application, which should be as concise as possible but contain full financial details of the project, should be sent to :

The Grants Administrator
43 Alderbrook Road
London SW12 8AD
Tel (messages only) : 020 8673 4215 
Email address : 
(Please note that the address will be phased out in 2014)
 Please do not email grant applications
Last updated December 2013